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Cast Net Lesson

Our Club Co- Founder, Fishing Partner, and WebMaster Jim
at Ski Apache
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Throwing the Cast Net

Here is Cory Humphrey holding the net halfway down getting ready to set up to toss the net -- at Elephant Butte Lake. Be sure and grab the net half way down and let the leads hang free.
Grab the leads and fan the net out pulling the leads up to open one quarter of the net. Then reach down with your extended fingers of your right hand and grab the leads in front.
Pick up the leads with your right fingers and hold the leads along with the rest of the net in your right hand.
Jake at Lewisville -- wound up and ready to throw the net. Swing the right hand forward with the elbow locked spinning the leads out. It is very important to get the leads spinning so that the net will open out to a full circle.
When releasing the net do not throw out, but rather throw a little up to get some loft on the net, and give the leads a chance to open out.
When the net hits the water tighten up the main rope so you will feel when the net touches bottom. Pull on the rope to gather up and close the leads to trap the shad.

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